A Brief History of KHS and Rockway Gardens - page 3


Dedicated in 1964, the Schneider Memorial Fountain was donated by family members in honour of the late John Metz Schneider, founder of the J. M. Schneider meat packing plant in Kitchener, and his wife, Helena.

Rockway’s Schneider Fountain - circa 1970

As a Canadian Centennial project in 1967, the Society erected flagstaffs for six flags which are flown year round.

Rockway's Central Fountain and Flags - 1967

New for 2005 at Rockway Gardens is a pedestrian bridge spanning the central pond enhanced with attractive landscaping. The bridge project received a grant from the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation and a generous donation from the Kitchener Lions Club.

Pedestrian Bridge - 2005

The citizens of Kitchener can be justly proud of Rockway Gardens, a visual delight for both local residents and visitors for over seven decades.

Rockway Gardens - 2004

Rockway Lily Pond - 2003

Rockway's Janzen Fountains - 2004

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