60th Annual Bulb & Perennial Plant Sale

Date: Saturday May 27, 2017
Time: 7:00am to noon
Location: Garden House
Rockway Gardens
7 Floral Cres
Kitchener, ON


We will have as many 20,000 bulbs in 34 varieties for sale for as little as $3.00 a dozen! Our high quality bulbs are imported directly from Holland. These bulbs are previously enjoyed -- they were on display at Rockway Gardens for the 2017 season. 

A wide variety of perennials, some annuals and herbs will also be offered for sale for as little as $1 per plant. This is a great opportunity to expand the variety of plants in your garden for nominal cost. Master Gardeners will be on-site to answer questions. 

The proceeds from the bulb and plant sale support our activities and the maintenance of Rockway Gardens. 

Members receive a discount on the bulb and plants that are for sale. Learn more about the benefits of gardenKitchener (KHS) membership by clicking here.

In recognition of our 60th annual bulb sale and the sale of over one million bulbs to the residents of Waterloo Region and beyond, we will be serving up free coffee and treats. Be sure to stop by before they are all gone.


Cash is always welcome.visa_mastercard_logo_6-1.gif
New_icons_30.gif V
isa or Mastercard are accepted on transactions of $10 or more(Sorry, debit cards cannot be processed.)


Click here (2 pages) to see the bulbs that will be available. A sample order form is available here. (The files are in PDF format.) You will still have to pick up and fill out the actual form on-site.

Bulb Sale Process


  • Sale proceeds rain or shine!
  • 7:00am - Numbered order forms are handed out on a first-come-first-served basis. One number per adult member present. Once you have your order form you can leave and get a coffee, or tour the gardens etc. or buy some perennials. Please note that some of the more enthusiastic members have been known to arrive before 4:30am to ensure they get their choice of bulbs.
  • 7:00am - The sale and renewal of memberships begins. You must be a current (2017) member of the Kitchener Horticultural Society to buy bulbs. Annual membership fees are $10 for an individual or $15 for a family.
  • 8:00am - Bulb sales begin for KHS members and run until noon (or whenever the inventory is sold out).
  • 10:30am - General public can buy bulbs as well.
  • The number of bags that may be purchased on a single order will be posted at the event.
  • Please order bulbs from the available list posted on the board. As items are sold out they will be moved to the sold out list posted on the door. You may have to change your order before you reach the front of the line.
  • Queue up at the door at the right front side of the Garden House according to sequence number on the order form.
  • When your number is called, enter the Garden House and present the completed order form to staff.
  • Staff will verify the order and request payment.  Be sure to have your membership card with you,  if applicable.
  • Take the verified order to the staff member at the double doors (left front side of Garden House) where your order will be filled.
  • After everyone has made an initial purchase, you can go through the line again and purchase additional bulbs. You will need a new order form.
  • We recommend that you plant them shortly after purchase or let them dry out and plant them in the fall. Do not store your bulbs in the plastic bags -- they will rot.
Per Bag
Tulips $3.00 $4.00 12
Daffodils $3.00 $4.00 10
Hyacinths $3.00 $4.00 8


Two ways to buy!

 New_icons_30.gif We are trying something new this year. We have selected a few varieties of bulbs that are available in larger quantities and have set some of them out in a "shop and go" self-serve area near the perennial sales area. This means that if you are not too particular about which tulips you want, you can skip the line and the wait and pick them up pronto! These tulips will also be available in the regular line.

Perennial Plant Sale

If you plan to donate plants, bring your potted and labeled plants to the left side of the Garden House at Rockway early on Saturday morning (7:00am). Use regular containers and appropriate potting medium. Label clearly with botanical and/or common name. 


  • Sale proceeds rain or shine!
  • 7:00am - Plant donation in-take begins. Sorry no exchange.
  • 7:30am - Plant sales begin for current (2017) members. 
  • 10:30am - Plant sales begin for non-members.  Non-members will pay a 50% premium on all plants purchased.
  • Sale runs till noon or till inventory is exhausted.

Get Your Tools Sharpened!

New_icons_30.gif Get a sharp start this gardening season!  SHARP MY KNIFE will be on site at Rockway Gardens from 7:30 to 11:00am.  Bring your garden gear, lawn mower blade, knives and/or scissors -- prices are on their website. Click here for more information.

Expert Gardening Advice

The gardening experts from Kitchener Master Gardeners will be available to answer your gardening questions.