Garden Tour - June 13, 2017

6:30 - 8:30 pm -- rain or shine

We start our season of tours in the Forest Hill area of Kitchener.  Memberships will be processed at property A. Please note the new starting and ending times.


A. 40 Birchcliff Ave. Kitchener

Carol and Bryan have created this magical garden over the last 20 years combining their plants with metal art made by their son and garage sale treasures.

The front garden has different themes with the left side of the garden inspired by Japanese gardens. A sloped back yard allows Carol and Bryan to enjoy a great aerial view of their garden from their deck.  Be sure to note the tree stump that has been converted to a table on their deck . With the help of their son, the owners created a waterfall that cascades into a pond stocked with goldfish. A stunning art piece is 4 flowers made of metal and glass that evokes Chihuly's glass art.

Accessibility: NOT walker/wheelchair accessible

B. 551 Forest Hill Dr.  Kitchener 

The gardens at 551 Forest Hill Boulevard were developed partially out of necessity. Water runoff on the west side of the property was becoming a problem.  “All Terrain Outdoor Maintenance” was engaged to come up with a solution.   A large amount of river rock and amour stone were creatively used in this solution and were also incorporated in the backyard gardens to compliment the slope. The project took place in the summer of 2014, so this is a newer garden. At the time, the existing vegetation was split and used in the new design. The design also addressed the fact there is a mix of sun and shade areas.  The gardens consist of mainly perennials that bloom at different times throughout the growing season. Some of the perennials include various hosta varieties, standards, roses, clematis, hydrangeas, irises and peonies. There are also some annuals in the garden supplemented by flower pots and  boxes.  This is the third full season for the gardens and the owners enjoy working on trying to improve the overall look and feel.

Accessibility: Moderate walker/wheelchair accessible

C. 133 Uplands Dr.  Kitchener

Gloria and John's garden has one maple tree left out of the 4 original maple trees that were there when they moved in 1977. The maple provides shade for part of the back yard. John created a slightly raised garden defined by a rock wall that he built. Ivy covers the 2 side fences providing privacy for their backyard. Gloria has many cherished plants from her mother's garden. She has rocks throughout her garden that she has brought back from her travels. Favorite art pieces include a totem pole from B.C. and a very special bell dating from 1880. The bell was rung in Fergus by John's mom to announce the end of World War II.

Accessibility: walker/wheelchair accessible

D. 18 Radcliffe Dr. Kitchener

Spencer is a passionate gardener who is inspired by his mother and grandfather. His extensive knowledge of plants allowed him to design his front garden to provide beauty and interest throughout the 4 seasons. Hydrangeas, hellebores, daylilies and lavenders are a few of the plants he uses in his front garden. On one side of his house,  Spencer grows raspberries in large pots and on the other side he has created a garden for his neighbours to enjoy from their dining room table. In the backyard he has created a tropical oasis with a in ground pool, hammock and varieties of palms. Bring paper and pen to jot down the names of plants, shrubs and trees that Spencer has in his garden.

Accessibility: walker/wheelchair accessible



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