Garden Tour - July 11, 2017

6:30 - 8:30 pm -- rain or shine

The second garden tour is in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener.  Memberships will be processed at property A. Please note the new starting and ending times.
GardenTour_2017-07 .png


A. 36 Rosewood Drive, Kitchener

Come see Karen's well-established garden. Her love of water is evident with an in ground pool, pond and 5 rain barrels. Karen enhances her mix of annual and perennial garden with art in the form of mirrors, glass blocks and glass totem poles. A fairy garden adds its charm to the garden. In keeping with Canada's 150th Birthday she will have red and white flowers. 

Accessibility: Fully accessible

B. 30 Rosewood Drive,  Kitchener 

Owners Ann and Jamie have lived here for 5 years. Their home away from home, with in-ground pool, bar and many seating areas, allows them to relax without a long drive to a cottage. A pergola was built for their daughter's wedding. Ann enjoys tending to the flowers which include hostas, coral bells and foam flowers. Jamie takes pride in maintaining a lush lawn.

Accessibility: Fully accessible

C. 10 Askin Place, Kitchener

Over the last 10 years Sharon has created a lovely garden of lush perennials and shrubs that she enhances with colorful annuals. Perennials include Hostas, Astilbe, Hellebores, Joe pye weed and bushes include lilac, hydrangea and a massive Rose of Sharon. It is a mostly sunny garden that has some shade provided by a birch tree and the wooden fencing that surrounds her property. Her interlocking brick walkway to the backyard is lined with hops, donkey tail spurge, barberry, peonies and a winter cactus. Determined chipmunks are a challenge in her garden.

Accessibility: walker/wheelchair accessible

D. 15 Coventry Drive, Kitchener

Bernice uses mainly perennials in her garden to reduce the need to water. Over the 48 years she has lived here the garden has changed many times. Of particular interest is the Saucer Magnolia which she planted about 45 years ago— it shades the whole back yard in the summer. Because the trees have grown so much over the years, much of the garden is now more of a shade garden. The two sunny spots are saved for the tomato plants and some sun loving plants for the butterflies. The spring bulbs are mainly narcissi as the squirrels and chipmunks in this neighborhood are terrorists!




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