Garden Tour - August 8, 2017

6:30 - 8:30 pm -- rain or shine

The third garden tour of 2017 is in the Laurel Creek area of Waterloo.  Please note the new starting and ending times.


A. 10 Jackpine Place, Waterloo

Brian was born with a gardening gene and Linda was born loving colour. To accommodate these traits in their garden, they start more than 1,500 annuals from seed and plant them. They also appreciate the beauty and variability of perennials and have a large variety of those also. Being conscious of the environment, they have numerous rain barrels which are used for watering and two large compost bins, one of which is turned back into the garden every spring. Vegetables are grown in raised boxes making them easier to weed and harvest (not as far to bend). Every year one of these beds is devoted to growing sweet potatoes. Houseplants and tropicals from the solarium are taken outside each spring to be placed in patio pots or directly in the garden where they can enjoy the sunshine and natural rains. During the growing season Linda and Brian spend more time in the garden than they do inside the house.

Accessibility: Fully accessible

B. 476 Lake Louise Blvd, Waterloo 

I'd love to share my garden with you. It is a thirteen year ever evolving work of artistic creation.
I use plants, soil, rock, water and sculpture in the manner of an artist. My canvas is a corner lot in Waterloo, spatially enhanced by a City forest. Everything is mindfully purchased and placed as an artist might compose a painting. I have blended several of my sculptures into the landscape, nurturing the feeling of a spiritual sanctuary. Mindfulness, Creativity, and Unity, are my touchstones. Some features include:

  • Unique conifers, including 14 dwarf specimens in a Japanese inspired area
  • Large rock garden
  • Perennials and trees selected for being "different"
  • Numerous roses from my ongoing pursuit of beauty and hardiness
  • Three discrete water features adding a joyful auditory note
  • All garden areas have berms above ground level

Accessibility: Fully accessible



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