Garden Tour - June 12, 2018

6:30 - 8:30 pm -- rain or shine

We start our season of tours in the Pioneer Park/Brigadoon (south of Homer Watson/Huron Rd) areas of Kitchener.  Memberships will be processed at property A. Please note the new starting and ending times.


A. 47 Kilkerran Cr. Kitchener

At 47 Kilkerran Crescent ,which is a corner property, Christie has created several garden areas. At the front and side there is more sun for many shrubs such as boxwood and spirea and  perennials such as irises, daylilies, yarrow, and sedum.At the side of the house there is also a vegetable garden with drip irrigation to grow raspberries, tomatoes ,carrots ,zucchini and beans. The  seriously built fencing is to deter the many hungry rabbits of the neighbourhood. The backyard is fenced and has several pine trees creating a shady, private and peaceful backyard. There are two seating areas, one with a fire feature and the other a intimate dining area. The backyard has  a continuous flower border that includes many perennials hydrangeas ,peonies, sweet woodruff, lamium, bleeding hearts.


B. 48 Kilbirnie Ct.  Kitchener 

At 48 Kilbirnie Ct. the gardens are primarily perennials and flowering shrubs. Selections were made considering the conditions the plants must meet - such as soil conditions, water restrictions, sun/shade, and garden visitors ( rabbits ). As well, selections were made to entice humming birds, butterflys, bees and birds. In lieu of extensive fertilizing we have a compost area which provides excellent nutrition.
Some perennials include hosta, coneflowers, black eye susan, lilys, clematis, butterfly weed and sedum.
Flowering shrubs include hydrangeas, butterfly bush, rose of Sharon and spirea. To combat sandy, dry soil in summer, snow and salt in winter cotton easters are along the street curb.


C. 52 Kilbirnie Ct.  Kitchener

The garden that we have created starts at the front with our spring flowers of tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinth which are flowers that represent my Dutch heritage. The side garden which surrounds our pool area is mainly varieties of perennials including hostas, Rose of Sharon, various varieties of lilies, sedum to name a few. I love adding colour with pots which will often include marigolds grown from seed, geraniums, lobelia mini petunias and sometimes whatever new varieties I see at the nursery. This area gets a lot of morning sun so I try to capitalize on this factor.

From the pool area you can walk up the deck and then down into the back garden. The yard backs onto a woodlot therefore we have to consider shade varieties of plant material. We are fortunate to have trilliums that have spread slowly over the years as well as tulips and some hyacinth which do well in the spring because of the lack of leaves but once the trees are in full foliage I focus on hostas, sedum, some lilies, peonies, delphiniums, spider wort and some shade annuals. We also have a vegetable garden with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, garlic and peas.

I enjoy trying different plants and each year seem to find something new to try. Sometimes it is successful and other times not. It really depends on the weather because although we have added tons of soil and compost the underlying soil is clay based.

Gardening is a great stress reliever and I can putter around for hours.


D. 15 Harcourt Cr. Kitchener

At the 2016 Kitchener in Bloom Appreciation Night, Jim graciously offered to have his garden in the gardensKitchener tour. Over 25 years he has created a front garden that combines shrubs with many perennials that include coral bells, irises, sedum, prickly pear, poppies and peonies. His inspiration for the backyard is a prairie garden .The sunny backyard combines calla lillies, wild phlox, rhue, and hydrangea. His gardens attract many bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Accessibility: :Access to backyard is down steep, irregular stairs.



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