Garden Tour - July 10, 2018

6:30 - 8:30 pm -- rain or shine

Our second tour is in the Forest Heights/Victoria Hills/Westvale areas.  Memberships will be processed at property A. Please note the new starting and ending times.

 Click here for a link to the map. 

A. 51 Overlea Cres, Kitchener

Nicola is a thoughtful gardener whose garden reflects many philosophies: edible gardening, herbal remedies, the 3 Rs of recycle and providing habitats and food for both animals and people. Over the 7 years she has taken a garden with 2 maple trees to one that is full of berry bushes, fruit trees, ponds, flowers and vegetables. Over 5 years she has built up her front yard with yearly applications of woodchips that attracted worms as they break down.. She has used lasagna technique and hugelculture to create some of her garden beds. Her deepest of 3 ponds is kept clean with an ecocycle of snails, water plants, fish and frogs. For the rabbits there is a lush green lawn of clover. Features for her children include their own gardening patch and a small dock where they can dangle their feet in the water. To create most of her garden features, Nicola uses as much recycled materials as she can gather. She is currently creating a bioshelter that provides homes for many birds and a wonderful spot to enjoy the garden even if it is pouring rain. Nicola spoke in January at our Annual General Meeting about Forest Gardening.

Accessibility: no stairs

B. 39 Medford St, Kitchener 

Giselle is an enthusiastic gardener who enjoys exchanging plants back and forth with her family. Her sunny front yard features a perennial bed with a splash of color provided by annuals. Along the 15 steps to her backyard there is a fairy garden that she changes regularly. The mostly sunny backyard has robust, tall versions of daylilies, daisies and hostas . A hummingbird feeder attracts lots of hummingbirds. The pond features fish, the occasional frog and heron and a variety of water plants. On the far side of the house there is a vegetable garden of tomatoes, basil and arugula. Throughout the garden are interesting containers of hens and chickens. Look for the hypertufa bowl that Giselle made in the KHS 2016 hypertufa workshop.

Accessibility: 15 steps leading to backyard

C. 162 Herron Place, Waterloo 

David’s garden has been growing slowly for over thirty years. It’s a triple R garden from the recycled bricks of the patio to the old barn board fence. Scattered throughout are as many as a hundred containers – pots and pail tubs and barrels; anything that will hold soil. He tries to maintain a balance between reasonable design and the reckless nature of a plantaholic, while ensuring it remains environmentally friendly.

You may have read about David's gardening adventures in the Waterloo Region Record. His column runs every Saturday.

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