Garden Tour - July 9, 2019

6:30 - 8:30 pm -- rain or shine

Our second tour is in the Brigadoon area of Kitchener.  Memberships will be processed at property A. 
A. 84 Old Huron Court
Over the last 25  years Maryanne has used her extensive knowledge of plants, trees and gardening to transform a very sloped backyard into a series of terraced gardens.  With the help of friends in her first year of her garden she built the walls to create the terraces. Over the next 3 year she was very busy planting the many trees and perennials in her garden . Her garden starts with a long, sunny flowerbed alongside her driveway that includes creeping thyme, perennial gladioli, grasses, liatris, peonies and coral bells.  A charming pathway of flagstone and pea gravel leads to the gated backyard. Come explore her series of terraced gardens . At the back of the house there is a wooden deck that allows Maryanne to enjoy her garden. Her trees include a Kentucky coffee tree, fringe tree, self seeding redbud trees and many Japanese maple trees. There is a dwarf area terrace  that includes a dwarf gingko tree. The top terrace has evolved over the years from a manicured garden to a more natural area that has wild ginger, columbine, irises, hostas and ferns . There is a humorous feature at the top terrace that brings a smile to the garden's visitors. Maryanne's diversity of plants, trees and bird feeders attracts many birds that sang while I visited her garden. A bench at the top invites you to sit down ,relax and soak in her garden's beauty and peacefulness.
Accessibility: Not walker or wheelchair accessible
B. 7 Kilkerran Crescent
When Kristy and Brian heard that the  garden tour was going to be in their area they graciously offered to have their garden on the tour again. They were on the tour last June. It will be interesting to contrast the changes that happen in a garden in different months. In this corner property  Kristy and Brian  have created several garden areas. At the front and side there is more sun for many shrubs such as boxwood and spirea and  perennials such as irises, daylilies, yarrow, and sedum.At the side of the house there is also a vegetable garden with drip irrigation to grow raspberries, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini and beans. The  seriously built fencing is to deter the many hungry rabbits of the neighbourhood. The backyard is fenced and has several pine trees creating a shady, private and peaceful backyard. There are two seating areas, one with a fire feature and the other a intimate dining area. The backyard has  a continuous flower border that includes many perennials hydrangeas, peonies, sweet woodruff, lamium, bleeding hearts.
C. 19 Caryndale Drive
Kelli and Mike have both created this beautiful  garden over the last 30 years. Kelli combines both annuals and perennials seamlessly to create a colorful garden. Kelli describes her garden as having "a little bit of everything". With meticulous deadheading she is able to get many plants to rebloom during the summer. Mike's pride is the lush grass.  Her front flowerbeds include hostas , coral bells ,sedum , hydrangea, snapdragons, peonies, coleus , dahlia ,roses, purple sage, columbine and more. The front door of the house is flanked by 2 non-flowering mulberry trees and a Japanese maple. Kelli uses several urns and containers to add more flowers to her front yard that is sunny in the morning with more  shade later on. As you walk down a gentle slope on the left side of the house they have a vegetable patch of tomatoes, chives and rhubarb. The garden is dotted with hanging baskets that Kelli creates including one hanging on the shed. There is continuous flower bed that runs down the sides of the property and along the back .The bed at the back is shadier allowing for lots of hostas , Solomon's seal, columbine, sedum and daylillies. At the back there is a private, shady seating area. Space is left at the very  back of garden where leaves are collected , mowed and allowed to break down. As you come up the right side of the house there is a beautiful clematis , lilies, veronica, wild bleeding heart amongst the many plants. Since there is a wooded area close by ,they have had chipmunks, wild turkey and deer as visitors to their garden.
11 Caryndale


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