Garden Tour - August 13, 2019

6:30 - 8:30 pm -- rain or shine

Our third tour is in the Forest Hill area of Kitchener.  Memberships will be processed at property A. 
A. 78 Forest Hill Dr
Eleanora and Dave have been at 78 Forest Hill Drive for 10 years. They run a successful B&B and still find the time to work magic in their garden. The large front yard has shade provided by 3 sugar maples. Large rocks enhance the beds of hostas, peonies and sedum. Dave can tell you about the rocks in the front yard, Five steps lead to the intimate  backyard that has many water features. One of the backyard's ponds include water hyacinth, water lettuce and papyrus that has to be wintered inside. There is a dining area that allows the owners and their guests to enjoy their tranquil backyard .The highlight of the garden is a pond with a fountain and 52 fish including 48 Japanese koi. The pond has a custom made dome that the fish can swim into. After dark the garden is illuminated with colored lights. 
Accessibility: 5 steps to backyard.
B. 101 Forest Hill Dr
This corner property has several garden areas that have been planted at different times over the years. The many trees, including a black maple, provide shade to the well established side yard that is carpeted with ivy and periwinkle . Gabrielle and her husband, over the last fifty years, have added many native species  to this area such as trillium, different ferns and eastern redbud. The sunny shallow backyard allows Gabrielle to grow  many vegetables including swiss chard, kale, potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce. By the front door of the house is a spectacular group of rhododendron bushes. The new front garden was redone by Wright Landscaping .This garden was recently planted with daylilies, ferns, mountain fire pieris, various grasses to name a few of the many additions.
C. 71 Birchcliff Av
Over the years Nancy and Fraser have created many beautiful garden beds on their property. Fraser is the main gardener with Nancy adding colour with annual plants. Their shady front garden was done in 2010 and has an inviting sitting area in front of their bay window . The front garden has a  border of grass and a large bed of mostly plants and shrubs and is finished with mulch and large rocks. Perennials include irises, pachysandra, Japanese anemone, allium and hardy gloxinia. Bushes include creeping juniper and pinky winky hydrangea. A paved walkway which runs along  a bed of bleeding hearts, purple coneflowers and perennial bachelors button leads to the backyard. There are many different areas to enjoy in the backyard. There is a native area with jack-in-the-pulpit, trillium, ferns, wild ginger and bloodroot. The butterfly garden features beebalm, liatris sedum, swamp milkweed, coreopsis, scabiosa and chives to attract pollinators., A pond with fish has attracted frogs, racoons and blue heron. A 1/16 replica of Sheave Tower with a waterwheel was built by Fraser and highlights the pond. Fraser also built a 1/36 scale replica of Waterloo Pioneers Memorial Tower.
D. 149 Uplands Dr

It is no secret at our home that flowers steal the show from the humble abode nestled in the heart of Forest Hill Kitchener.  Taking its cue from English Country landscape, our gardens offer little respite from the rambling beds of cottage style flowering perennials other than a meandering path of manicured greenery that guides you through the property from front to back.  As an Interior Design professional, my love for gardening and design is evident throughout the space.  While roses like to think they are the boss of this property, clematis, hydrangea, lilies, allium, lavender and phlox all fight for center stage at different phases of the growing season.  In June Foxglove seem to invade the property thanks to a ‘not so secret love affair’ with the rock loving beauties I have developed over time.  July and August the living painter’s palette becomes a sea of roses, clematis, hydrangea, phlox and daylily working in unison to the delight of butterflies, bees, dragon flies, birds and humans!  This year, much to our surprise, the evening garden has become a stage for fireflies to dance about.  Unique custom structures I have created litter the property offering the roses and clematis dramatic apparatus to climb about including the always-so- inviting garden gate.  This garden is designed to hug the soul, tickle the senses and tear at the garden lovers’ heart strings; we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Narrative by Sandi Loreen Duclos



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