Vertical Vegetables 

Speakers: Ken C. Brown
Date: April 13, 2021
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
virtual Zoom presentation

A presentation aimed at homeowners and balcony dwellers who have a hankering for the taste of a fresh vine ripened tomato. Drawing on his years of experience growing a wide range of vegetables under various conditions, Ken enthusiastically draws people out of their living rooms and into their yards and shows them how they can grow amazing things in tiny spaces. Ken tosses out the normal concept of a vegetable garden and demonstrates how the colours and textures of food producing plants can also add to the aesthetic appeal of a garden. Ken employs a range of innovative, yet simple and inexpensive, ways to utilize the vertical space above our gardens to multiply the quantity and range of tasty foods that we can grow.    


Ken-Brown.pngKen Brown is a horticultural consultant, writer and photographer. He received his bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the University of Guelph. Ken worked as the Superintendent of Horticulture at the Toronto Zoo when it was being planned and built, where he was responsible for the planning and planting of all the indoor gardens and the overseeing of the outdoor landscaping contractors. He owned and operated “The Plant Manager” an interior landscaping company for 20 years where he built and maintained a wide variety of public and private interior gardens. He also has a horticulture teaching degree from the University of Toronto and has taught a variety of related courses. Ken is a certified horticultural judge and he is a frequent speaker at horticultural meetings and seminars. Ken’s writing and photography continue to be published in several magazines and newspapers., his web page, is a great source of advice, tips and updates. His own gardens feature his Iris collection and a wide range of plants that he is trialing. In a space of their own and interspersed throughout all his gardens, Ken grows a comprehensive list of vegetables in some innovative ways to maximize the use of space. He currently spends most of his non-gardening hours writing for his web site, and ezine Dallying In The Dirt.

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