gardenKitchener members, join us for the 2023 AGM. We’ll be recapping the 2022 season and talking about what lies ahead for 2023.

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Interested in reviewing the AGM documents before the meeting? Find them here. (Note: this page is visible to active members only.)

New to gardenKitchener? Here’s what you need to know:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting for all members of the gardenKitchener community that happens every year. It’s hosted by the President, with members of the Board of Directors in attendance to help with sharing reports and taking minutes. All members of the gardenKitchener community are encouraged to attend. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, make comments, and participate in votes on critical issues.

What typically happens at the AGM?

We’ll review the organization’s bylaws and constitution, elect the 2023 Board of Directors, review audited financial statements, and hear about other business that requires input from our members. Once the serious business is over, we’ll hear from a guest speaker.

Who is our guest speaker this year?

This year, we’ll be hearing from Kristen Martyn of Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie, about Gardening for the Birds! We’ll go through four key elements of attracting wildlife, and learn about the specific types of plants to use (with an emphasis on native plants).