Pot and Tray Recycling

In the pursuit of beautiful gardens, we often end up using a lot of plastic in the form of pots, trays and bags. Many of these are type 5 plastic which is very unlikely to be recycled via our blue box programs. Luckily, a number of local organizations run trade-in programs for these items, or accept them as donations.

As conscious stewards of our environment, gardenKitchener members are encouraged to take part in these programs whenever possible. Read on for our (growing) list of programs. Know of a program or organization that isn’t listed below? Send us an email!

Garden Pot / Tray Donation or Trade-In Programs

Rockway GardensĀ 

The Rockway Gardens team appreciates donations of empty plastic garden pots or flats throughout the summer season. They reuse these containers for a number of reasons, including transporting plants to and from their greenhouse space. Drop off your pots and trays at the Garden House in Rockway Gardens (7 Floral Cres., Kitchener) between 7am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Grobe Nursery

Grobe Nursery will accept the return of 10 gallon pots and larger (basically what trees come in). They’re able to sterilize these and reuse them.

Loblaws Garden Centres (Valumart, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore)

Garden Centres of stores that offer Optimum points (Loblaws) are currently running a program where you can receive 100 points for each empty pot or flat you return (ends on June 17th, 2023). They note that their empty pots are shipped back to the greenhouse where they are compacted/crushed, and that their plastic is shredded to make pellets which are used to make new pots and flats.

Soil and Mulch Bag Recycling

Waterloo Region Waste Management (Blue Box Program)

Recycle your plastic soil and mulch bags, along with other plastic bags such as milk bags, bread bags, grocery and retail store bags, bags from salt (road / softener), and the outer wrap of toilet paper and beverage cases. Collect all of your plastic bags into one, tie it closed, and add it to your blue bin!