Members: Join us on April 9th at 7pm via Zoom for a captivating seminar on peaceful coexistence with wildlife, presented by Chantal Theijn, founder of Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge.

During this gardenKitchener Seminar Series event, Chantal will share her knowledge and experiences gained from years of dedicated work in wildlife rehabilitation, education, mitigation, and research. Discover practical tips and strategies for fostering harmonious relationships with the diverse wildlife that share our environment.

Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, established in 2007, started with the goal of rehabilitating approximately 30 wild animals annually. Today, Hobbitstee has grown into a renowned facility that helps over 3500 wild animals each year. The refuge’s primary focus remains on wildlife rehabilitation, while also emphasizing wildlife education, mitigation, and research.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and gain valuable insights into fostering peaceful coexistence with wildlife! Members will receive a link for the seminar to their inboxes ahead of their event.