Update: The Zoom link for this session will be sent to all 2023 and 2024 gardenKitchener members via email, on Wednesday, January 24th. If you have not received your link by Wednesday afternoon at 3pm, please send a note to hello@kitchenerhs.ca, and we’ll help troubleshoot.

2023 GardenKitchener members: Join us to review the past year and vote in the 2024 Board of Directors. We’ll also be voting to accept the most recent bylaw and constitution changes. A complete list of documents to review ahead of the meeting can be found here.

Following the votes, Karin Davidson-Taylor from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington will be speaking on Healing Plants: Plants form the main ingredients of medicines in traditional systems or healing and have been the source of inspiration for several major pharmaceutical drugs. Approximately 50,000 species of vascular plants have been used medicinally. Predominantly these plants are used in traditional remedies, food, personal care and perfumery; only around 100 plant species have contributed significantly to modern drugs. We’ll examine plants used in both areas and the impact on biodiversity and sustainability of these plants.

It’s sure to be a lovely evening of community and learning. We can’t wait to see you there!