Join us at Seedy Saturday, 2024!

Karen Sciuk will lead this session on invasive species. The plants involved are mostly popular ornamental plants that after several decades of use are now known to have escaped gardens and proven to have invasive tendencies, such as English ivy, periwinkle, lily of the valley, Norway maple, barberry, and euonymus. This is an important message to get out, as the horticultural trades are a major route of unintended spread.

This event is FREE for everyone to attend! Find out more about Seedy Saturday, here.

About Karen Sciuk

Karen is President of the Master Gardeners of Ontario, is an active of member of the local Waterloo Region Master Gardener group, one of 28 within the province, and an active member of the Wellesley Township Horticultural Society. Her main horticultural interests are in establishing pollinator gardens using native plants, and understanding the soil food web for the continued health of our garden soils. Karen experiments a bit with growing a limited variety of food crops in raised beds and pots in her small back yard and is still learning much about this aspect of gardening, and uses natural pest control from beneficial insects, birds, and other critters attracted to her adjacent pollinator beds.