Join us at Seedy Saturday, 2024!

Kenton Bossy will be leading this informative session on seed saving. If you’re curious about starting to save your own seeds, you probably have some questions – Where should you get seeds from, and when? How can you check if you’re saving healthy, clean seed? How do you store your bounty? Learn about some practical low-tech methods for collecting, processing, and storing your own seeds, and gather useful resources to start you on your seed saving adventure. Examples will have a particular focus on tree and shrub seeds, but these techniques are also well-suited for your general seed saving toolkit. Geared towards curious gardeners, those new to seed saving, and all squirrels-at-heart.

This event is FREE for everyone to attend! Find out more about Seedy Saturday, here.

About Kenton Bossy

Kenton is the Native Tree Nursery Manager at Reep Green Solutions. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and Certified Seed Collector, and enjoys sharing his passion for the natural world with the young and young-at-heart. With a decade of growing experience ranging from small organic farming to native tree and shrub nurseries, he strives to nurture vibrant and resilient communities of both the living world we’re a part of, and the eco-lovers therein.