Join us in person at the Rockway Community Center to learn all about Organic Gardening Practices. Speaker Alexandra Powell will be talking about the growing practices and strategies she employs to enhance soil health and biodiversity, leading to great tasting, organic crops. She’ll also share how she runs her farm business, selling all the food she grows, as well as reselling produce from other local growers, ensuring families have access to the full diversity of Ontario-grown crops.

Doors open at 6:45pm, advanced registration is required!

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About our Host:

Alexandra has been involved in local and organic food for over ten years, first as a green grocer buying and selling food from local farmers while learning a bit about growing food in community garden plots. In 2018 she finally decided to jump fully into farming after years of dreaming about it. She learned the basics of market gardening at Clearwater Farm, an educational farm in Georgina in 2019. From 2020 to 2021 she had the opportunity to manage Clearwater Farm and experience first hand what it was like to run a farm business. In 2022, she moved with her partner to Ayr and started her own one-acre market garden farm, where she grows organic food for three markets in the KW area and 30 families who receive weekly produce boxes.