Join us at Seedy Saturday! Featuring Christine Gilhuly of the Waterloo Region Master Gardeners.

Many Gardeners who are new to starting seeds indoors are often discouraged by seeds that don’t sprout, weak and spindly seedlings or disease problems. In this seminar we will discuss how to raise strong, healthy seedlings. Topics will include terminology around seeds, how to read a seed catalogue, storing your unused seeds, knowing when or if seeds should be started indoors, choosing containers and planting medium, the process of planting seeds, seedling care and moving your seedlings outdoors.

Christine Gilhuly is a very practical gardener with a broad knowledge of Horticulture. She has been a member of the Waterloo Region Master Gardeners since January 2007, volunteering her time to help people learn more about gardening. She gives gardening talks locally and offers gardening advice at events such as Canada Blooms. She has a special interest in starting seeds and starts hundreds of seedlings every year.

This event is FREE for everyone to attend! Find out more about Seedy Saturday, here!