This event is current at capacity. Join our waitlist to be notified of openings that arise from cancelations! Imagine having a tiny rain forest – and the calming scent of moss after rain – on your desk to enjoy, year-round! Join us in learning how to design and build just that: your very own terrarium. Self-enclosed ecosystems encased in glass, terrariums are living pieces of art that require little to no maintenance, and hardly any water. In this beginner-friendly workshop, we’ll show you how to design, assemble, and care for a terrarium, and supply you with everything you’ll need. Done properly, your miniature world will remain green and fresh year-round, making for an excellent conversation piece, companion to your work desk, or enchanting gift.

This workshop is presented by gardenKitchener (the Kitchener Horticultural Society), in partnership with the Stanley Park Community Centre, and hosted by gardening expert, florist and beekeeper, Kiki Alwan.

About Kiki:
Kiki is a constant explorer, with an affinity for tropical plants and a keen eye for moss. Her curiosity for the earth and its interconnected place within all of our lives is what fuels her fascination for gardening; and she has found herself an active member of the Master Gardeners of Ontario and multiple horticultural societies. Seeking ways to make gardening accessible and to engage people in her love of “soul-to-soil; she instructs workshops – teaching practical, science-based techniques in plant care, propagation, and building terrariums as a way to bring the endless forest indoors.

Tickets go on sale March 7th, at 8:30 p.m.