November is here, and while the days of lush greenery, delicate blossoms and splashing fountains are behind us, there is still much beauty and texture to be found in Rockway Gardens during the later fall months.

If it’s still early in November (and Mother Nature has been kind), your stroll through Rockway will take you under colourful canopies of autumn leaves. The iconic fans of the Ginkgo Biloba will be dipped in gold, contrasting beautifully with the deeper burnt orange of the Red Oak.

As the month moves on, you’ll discover the once puffy white clouds of hydrangea blossoms have deepened to a dusty bronze. Bundles of tall, fluffy-topped, golden grasses stand guard over stretches of silvery blue Dusty Miller, while Barberry bushes and Crabapple trees add a pop of crimson to the mix.

The benches under the gazebo are cooler now, but Rockway still provides the perfect backdrop for a rendezvous with good friends. Grab your coffee (perhaps treat yourself to a pump or two of peppermint syrup) and indulge in a relaxing afternoon of conversation among the trees before the high energy of the holiday season officially hits.