Garden Talk

Watch the recording of Peonies!

Did you miss our April 11th virtual seminar, Peonies? Good news! The session was recorded! In this seminar, we hear from Darren Heimbecker.
Speaker Series Peonies

Mason Bee Cocoons & Homes

gardenKitchener members: are you interested in supporting some important Pollinators? No amount of water or fertilizer will produce abundant flowers and vegetables without pollination.
mason bees

Mix up your garden plans with these under-used annuals

Are you looking to change up your approach to annuals this season? Rodger Tschanz, Trial Garden Manager at the University of Guelph’s Guelph Turfgrass Institute, recently walked us through an extensive list of annuals that he's been working with lately.

Don’t Despair: A Better Summer is on the Way (We Hope)

This past season has presented many challenges for gardeners.
person pouring water onto plants from a green watering can

What’s in Bloom in October?

At this time of the year, we are frequently asked "what's in bloom".
a close-up of aster flowers in bloom

Cichorium intybus (Chicory)

The wild Cichory has many names according to Publication 505 Ontario's Weeds published by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
blooming flower of Cichorium intybus (Chicory)

Pruning Clematis

The other day, I was cleaning up the garden and the day's project was to prune several Clematis.
clematis vine climbing a brick wall with light purple flowers

Stinging Nettle

A number of years ago, the City decided to naturalize an area behind our house and ever since we have been introduced to weeds (flowers in the wrong space) that we had previously not seen.
stinging nettle leaves

Avocado Tree

Have you ever tried to grow your own avocado tree? There is an excellent description of how to do it here.
avocado plant leaves