Enjoy a meditative and creative evening among the summer flowers, with experienced local artist, Moumita Roychowdhury. Learn about techniques for plein air landscape painting, in the gorgeous setting of Rockway Gardens!

Painting or drawing ‘en plein air’ (French for ‘in the open air’) is the practice of drawing or painting outside. Made popular by the French Impressionists, plein air painting is known to be a freeing experience, where you are able to focus on capturing light and colour, rather than perfectly duplicating an object in front of you.

Tools (brushes, watercolour paints, waterproof pens, and paper) will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring additional art supplies if you like.

Don’t forget to also bring a board or a sketchbook to use as a base for your painting, a pencil and an eraser, and a bag or backpack to carry your supplies (we’ll be moving to a couple different locations within the gardens). We’ll be outside, so please also bring sun protection, bug protection, hydration, and a blanket or chair, to ensure you can sit comfortably while painting.

About Moumita Roychowdhury
Moumita is an artist born in India, now based in Waterloo, Ontario. She has always been drawn to art from a very young age, but never studied art formally. A self-trained artist, she has won several awards at juried shows and live art competitions. She is a multi-disciplinary artist who likes to work in watercolours, ink, acrylics, soft pastels, and enjoys large scale mural art as well.

Artist Statement
Nature plays the lead role in my work – captured through the spontaneous flow of watercolours or the vibrant brush strokes of acrylics or the soft subtleness of pastels. I like to take inspiration from the colours and moods of nature which change like the myriad shades of human emotions. I endeavour to capture the beauty and simplicity of nature, moments in time and emotions it evokes in bold rich colours and transform them into something atmospheric and moody through the movement of my intuitive brush strokes. I want my art to tell a story, of places seen and places within.