We are incredibly proud to have one of the trees at Rockway Gardens recognized by Reep Green Solutions and the Tree Trust and the Echo Foundation. The Trust is an effort to preserve our urban forest canopy and natural heritage through the care of our mature, legacy trees. Read more about this important initiative, including how you can contribute, here.

This stunning, resilient Weeping Willow is one of 5 finalists for Tree of the Year, and the winner will be decided at the end of August. It is approximately 100 years old, and was established in its current location before Rockway Gardens became what it is today. It’s a truly amazing tree that has weathered many storms and still stands firm – stop by and see it in person, the next time you’re at Rockway Gardens!

Read more about this Weeping Willow, its history in Rockway Gardens, and the other finalists, here.